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Who We Are

The Kitchener-Conestoga Federal Liberal Association is the official Electoral District Association for the Liberal Party of Canada, in where our riding consists of segments in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario.

Our riding represents a diverse group of communities and people that include a culture and geography that encompass an extensive rural area of the region as well as a densely populated urban section of the City of Kitchener.

Our goals are to promote liberal values within all our communities, working to ensure that the Liberal Party in parliament represents your needs.

11888032_882975641756768_6050116441780276608_nThe values we promote include:
– Economic stability and fiscal responsibility
– Progressive social policy
– Sustainable environmental policy
– Protecting our vulnerable
– Meeting our international obligations
– Preserving and creating jobs in the Waterloo Region
– Maintaining strong and meaningful connections with grassroots Liberals in our riding

We are a group of dedicated individuals from varying backgrounds and ages, representing a range of interests, skills, and cultural experiences. However, there is always room for more, and we welcome your involvement!

Our team meets regularly in order to strive for the better service of our communities. We work together on committees such as Policy, Social Media, Membership, Finance, Fundraising, and Election Preparedness and fresh idea’s and new inputs are always welcome, and we welcome ‘you’ to come and join us and become part of our ‘Real Change.’


Board and Executive: Kitchener-Conestoga Electoral District 2017-2019

Chair: Kathryn Murrell
Vice Chair: Brenda Louis
Secretary: Sylvia Ranson
Treasurer: David Mains
VP Fundraising: Khalil Malik
VP Outreach: Barbara Nowak
VP Membership: Michelle Beaupre
VP Social Media: Roberto Velásquez
VP Policy: Al Junker
National Liaison: Tim Louis
Directors: Omar Samad, James Walker, Mallory Ament, Ron Beaudreau, Lea Daniel, Shae McGlynn, Julius Toth, Patricia Watson, Andrew Wilson,