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Chair remarks and members of the board

Posted on April 24, 2017

Chair Remarks


April 23rd 2017


I would like to thank everyone for coming out today and showing your support for our EDA and the Federal Liberal Party. It is with your involvement and commitment that we will grow and move forward.

I would also like to thank the executive and board for all their hard work and dedication this past year, we worked together and accomplished a lot.

Congratulations to our new executive and board, looking forward to working with you for the next two years.

Thanks also for your continued support for myself and the office of the chair; it is humbly and gratefully received.

In preparing for today, I read my remarks from last year, and a couple of things stood out.

One: That we would have opportunities to get together as an EDA to get to know each other and have fun. We had pub nights, a picnic, a Christmas party, and this spring a fabulous music night with Tim Louis and Big Rude Jake.

Two: That we would work collaboratively with our neighboring EDAs’. This we did, working together at festivals throughout the summer, our joint event in November with Harjit  Sajjan, and our Feb event with Melanie Joly. We are getting to know our neighbors, draw on their strengths, and have fun.

We also last year committed to growing our EDA, and be visible in the community. We had several days of action, opportunities to canvass in our riding to and get to know the constituents and for them to get to know us. We were also visible at events and fairs throughout the year, Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, Canada Day in New Hamburg, and fall fairs in Wellesley and New Hamburg.

We have an active online presence and lots of activity on Facebook.

Moving forward our goals remain the same, grow our registered liberal base and our Victory Fund membership, work with our neighboring EDA’s and be visible in our community.

Another important goal is fundraising and we will continue our efforts by holding fundraising events and increasing our Victory Fund membership.

This cannot be accomplished by the board and executive alone but requires commitment from everyone in our EDA and I would like to send out a big thank you to all volunteers who have helped in any way this past year.

In summary, I send out a challenge to make this the best year ever for Kitchener-Conestoga and to thank everyone who has worked so hard this past year.


Board and Executive: Kitchener-Conestoga Electoral District 2017-2019

Chair: Kathryn Murrell

Vice-Chair: Brenda Louis

Secretary: Sylvia Ranson

Treasurer: David Mains

Policy Chair: Al Junker

National Liaison: Tim Louis

Representative Senior Commission: Julius Toth

Representative Youth Commission: Mallory Ament

Organizational Chair: Vacant

Directors at Large:

Khalil Malik

Patricia Watson

James Walker

Ron Beaudreau

Shae McGlynn

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